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Sotek 51

The plan is Kabonesa Wu for Self-Modifying Code for Leprechaun, then Kabonesa Wu for Self-Modifying Code for Magnum Opus. You really want an econ event to make that affordable, but if you have to click for credits it might be better than alternatives. (Starting with either in hand saves you $2, but of course the odds are against it.)

Your next goal is Brahman (for real, ie paid via SMC) at which point you just need the corp to rez some ice so that you can start breaking with Brahman. London Library and Oracle May will make Brahman way more cost-efficient (Note that if you have Ubax and only use Brahman to bounce one ice, you can use Oracle May afterwards as long as you didn't run last click), and in the long run you want to sail through servers by using London Library to install Femme Fatale, bypassing ice, then using Brahman to skip having to uninstall the Femme. D4v1d plays a similar role, but you're willing to hard-install it sometimes (or use Kabonesa Wu to tutor it after Brahman returns it).

Chameleon is tutorable for $1 and requires no special effort to keep around, can break most gearcheck ice, can help feed Brahman, and will help you get through longer servers. Takobi helps with that plan, of course, but is not mandatory unless you end up really needing it.

Net-Ready Eyes are not a mandatory install but will make those awkward Str-4 ice that D4v1d and Brahman both dislike much easier to deal with. (Just ... make sure you don't lose an important 1-of to them.)

9 Feb 2018 Sotek

Oh, and one other detail: If you get your Leprechaun/Magnum Opus/Brahman installed without needing to crack all three SMCs (either because you had one in hand or because you had a scavenge or because you were able to get the corp to rez ice so that Brahman could bounce itself), the last SMC should be used on Datasucker, as at that point everything else you can tutor you can just use Brahman to keep alive, but you can't use Kabonesa Wu on Datasucker.

10 Feb 2018 JohnnyMilton

Love the direction here. Isn't Ubax and Oracle May kind of a nonbo?

10 Feb 2018 JohnnyMilton

Love the direction on this deck. Aren't Ubax and Oracle May kind of a non-bo though?

12 Feb 2018 Damien Stark

The explanation in the write-up is that the plan is to fire Brahman and use Oracle May on that program last click. Then Ubax will draw you a fresh card and you can repeat next turn.