The Amazing Six-Click Clone

killionaire 892

Basically, set up a Notoriety hand and hammer the hell out of HQ with your cheap Legworks. Tutor out whatever contacts you need, and use Oracle May + Kati + John as a reliable late game econ engine in both money and cards.

Clone Chip any destroyed breakers, or use them to recur faeries on expensive items. Optional: swap Faeries for Grappling Hooks.

Datasuckers should be filling your rig like crazy at all times due to how many runs can be possibly made.

Alternate Module: Drop Oracle May + Motivation in exchange for an extra datasucker and RDI, then go for an all-server 'lock'.

Seriously though, a 2-Notoriety turn isn't hard to pull off, and it's great knowing on game point exactly when you can win.

1 May 2014 thrazznos

I cannot wait to start seeing more of these decks. Notoriety is seriously the best.

1 May 2014 Maelyauna

Legworks works fine for HQ pressure, but How are you going to penetrate into R&D and Archives? Can you be sure to go into all of them with 4 clicks?

1 May 2014 r

@Maelyauna: While I can't speak for killionaire, it seems to me there's probably enough denial + aggression to keep the servers relatively lightly defended.

Also, I agree that Notoriety is seriously underrated. It's rather ironic considering how it's basically the opposite of being notorious.

1 May 2014 Sulfurious

Perhaps Feint would work well here?

1 May 2014 killionaire

My idea for 'server penetration' is expected cost to break a reasonably tough server for around 8 credits. I think this rig can do that for the kill-turn. Feint actually would be pretty cool for Notoriety, but I don't think we have the deckslots for it.

2 May 2014 killionaire

Just did a game last night. Worked just as planned surprisingly. Oracle May is a hideously good econ engine if you can get the motivation then hostage her, since I realized an Oracle May + 3x click for creds turn = 1 card, 5 creds... which is just 1 cred short of a Magnum Opus turn doing Draw + 3x click.

Having Clone Chip means I fear destroyers a lot less, and faceplanted through a grim deliberately to save money, before reinstalling corroder and knocking out the next ICE.

My only regret is not having space for security testing. One or two of those would really force all servers to be protected, lest I get a card, 3 credits, and a datasucker on an Archives or PAD campaign run.

The only other fear is that on an HQ + R&D + Archives notoriety run, there's no room for hitting Snares or Shocks. Losing those cards would be a heartbreak.

2 May 2014 r

BTW, is this supposed to be 46 cards? The single Sneakdoor looks out of place to me.

3 May 2014 w1kk

Have you tried the new event from H&P that lets you bypass the first two ICE? I think that could help a lot to score Notoriety when centrals get ICEd up.

3 May 2014 lolpaca

Love it! I feel like you could maybe drop an econ card - Dirty Laundry or maybe even a Sure Gamble - to get it down to 45, but that's just me. Definitely giving this a go :D

3 May 2014 pleaix

I'm definitely going to test this, maybe run alias instead of ninja, and use faeries on remotes? :)

3 May 2014 lolpaca

Also, cool as Oracle + Motivation is, it's 3 slots, 3 influence and at least 2 clicks setup for what really just looks like a bit of drip econ... Is it really much better than, say, a couple of Daily Casts?

3 May 2014 lolpaca

Or even just 1 x Security Testing, which ties in better with Notoriety. Don't get me wrong, it's a good combo, it just seems to occupy quite a bit of deckspace without really helping this particular strategy... maybe I just need to see it in action.

5 May 2014 slevin38

What about doppelganger to make a free click for a central?

5 May 2014 slevin38

Nevermind, I saw you have it. I think this looks fun. Definitely going to try it out. I feel like it may need another card draw engine instead of the Oracle/Motivation combo since that may take a bit to get going more.

5 May 2014 killionaire

That's the component I'm least happy about. It's great when it works, providing a lot of money/drawpower for relatively little investment compared to ProCon or MO, but it has issues.

If you can rely on Siphon for economy regularly, it's not an issue. If not, perhaps the module could become +1 RDI, +1 Datasucker. And somehow find a way to squeeze in Mr. Li. If Datasucker in your meta is enough archives pressure, Mr. Li could sub in for Sneakdoor.

5 May 2014 killionaire

Hell. I suppose another alternate config is to drop both RDIs, and run two Lucky Finds... should require playtesting though. But is probably more viable if you're seeing a lot of hazardous R&D Jinteki...