Tourguide to the beach (1st SC Praha/1st SC Kassel) 10-1

dome_ 604

This is my latest version of the beach-moomins deck.
N3M3515 played the same deck and we changed the loki and one paywall to get more tourguides and one more Login Protocol to have three currents (to fight those stupid hacktivist meetings) I am not quite sure about those changes. Maybe I will go back to the loki since I like the "Ashigaru plan" a lot. and 2 Ashigarus are better then one.
So long term short, I will give you a short overview about my matches. Sorry to my opponents if I not remember correctly.

1st round against Smoke[TwadaCZ]
I assume he didn't play enough matchesagainst moonies, because he discarded film critic. I had a really good opening with multiple clearences. He stole 2 Agendas from my RnD while I tried to set up. A lakshmi protected SFT spammed my board so he was trying to check all my servers. But he wasn't able to trash all the assets. A Vitruvius with a counter gave me alot options to FA the last Agenda.
Order of agendas scored: SFT->Vitruvius->Elective

2nd round against Smoke[adquen]
I had a rough start so I iced centrals early and draw a lot to find clearences or Moons to get a 4counter moons... (in the earlygame, that is kind a clearence, too). The turn before I wanted to get started, my opponent played hacktivist meeting and pressured centrals. he found one agenda. I had a rezzed jeeves and try to get maximum value out of jeeves. I was so focused about finding a current that I forgot my credit count. So I had to discard a lot and that was a big mistake.
I managed to came back with a small SFT. But in the end I had only 5 cards left in RND and not enough credits to tax with sandburg. So he found the last agenda in my RnD...
Agenda-Order: SFT->Vitruvius

3rd round against Alice.
That was a really cool good stuff hacktivist-turtle-maw-bhagat-EStrike alice deck. He was able to get some accesses early to load his turtle. And he found a way to trash jeeves and lakshmi. Unfortunaly he was broke after he checked everything and he needed 1 1/2 turns to recover with credits (liberated, dirty laundry...) I that window I scored a SFT. After that. he checked everything again. I managed to lakshmi a Elective. And and that point the had one turn to find 2 points for his win. But I had a copy of every Agenda in my hand and enough lakshmi counters..
Order: SFT->Elective->Vitruvius

Round4: ID

Cut round 1 against smoke [adquen]
I played against smoke again which I choosed although he splashed the hacktivist. I was already really happy with my result so I wanted to play more against "hacktivist-clot-decks".
I got a 4 counters moon early. that brought me some clearences and I could draw alot. He played Hacktivist. I had an current. He trashed the important stuff but went broke. at that turn he decided not to play clot. But that was a big mistake. I had a big SFT and that snowballed me to the victory.
Order: SFT-Vitruvius->Elective

Cut(Grand Final) against Edward Kim [5N00P1]
Adquen and 5N00P1 are also from Berlin so I knew what they are playing. So I also knew that my last opponent was on Apocalypse.
I had a good starting hand and decided to install jeeves, install architect HQ credit, go. He facechecked my architect. that was really nice. I built a decent moon and got an SFT score. I had triple Iced centrals and one blacklist. There was one turn, when I thought he had the apocalypse - he dirty laundried archives. And I said stop after he did. I did some AAL things and did more in his turn than him :)
At the end, I had blacklist and well protected centrals so he almost had no more shot. Order: SFT-Vitruvius-Elective

This was Praha, where I got my second SC-Win.

On the next day, there was a SC in Kassel, Germany. So we decided to drive to Leipzig to sleep there and then we went to Kassel.

1st round Against Reg-Maxx[Nico]
He went agressive, he got 3 mining-accidents (all with badpub :[ ) and hacktivist. I was digging for currents and outs. but at some point he had to reshuffe his deck with levy. I never rezzed an Ice to get that potential blacklist lockout.
He reshuffled all this heap breakers so I jammed an SFT behind some cheap ICE. That was one the only chance I had. Tough game, very close.
Order: SFT-> Vitruvius->Vitruvius -> Vitruvius

2nd round against Smoke [Bifucator]
Unprotected RnD means sometimes, that he will snack some agendas. And it was the case. He got 5 points early because of single accesses. That was enormous pressure. Every single click has to be on point. He played very well and trashed all the key cards... except one jeeves. The architect was able to protect my jeeves (he could break my ice but had not enough credits to trash the jeeves). He single acceesed the HQ all the time to find that last Agenda.
So I recovered somehow and managed to sneak me to my win.
Order: Vitruvius->SFT-> Elective

3rd round against Geist [Mathias]
There is almost nothing to say. Sometimes Geist needs to setup a lot to get crazy. His start was okay, but to slow for me. He managed to get 5 points through single accesses but in the end he had not enough money to contest anything nor he had breaker.
Order: SFT-Vitruvius-Elective

4th Round: ID

Cut: 1st round against Smoke[Bifucator]
holy shit, crazy game. My start was rough and he got again very early to matchpoint due to single accesses. I iced RnD. Had a tourguide on a remote. He trashed my jeeves. I had almost no board except ice HQ, ice RnD, ice Remote. I played UVC. I drew four, got one install. SANDBURG!
He indexed me. I didn't rez. He found the last agenda. He put it on top. He ran again. I rezzed Architect and Sandburg... Architect fired!!!!!!!!
so I installed a Jeeves and a lakshmi, rezzed both, showed SFT so he coudnt steal it. That was an awesome moment where we both laughed and cheered about that situation. That was fantastic.
the FA of SFT got me double iced centrals and a small remote with some additional assets on the side. He was on clone ship as his restricted card and after he discarded clot I rezzed my black list to secure that last FA.
Order: SFT->Elective->SFT

Grand final against MagnumOpus Maxx [ Antisthenes]
his first turn opus, the turn after hacktivist, 2 turns later maw. That's a really good start. Hacktivist denied me to go crazy with moons, so I got money and cards by playing clearences. I also put down some must trash assets to keep him always tight on money. At one point he did not trash jeeves but chooses to check all the other remotes because of poteintial sneaky agendas. But that was the point where I started to FA my SFT. I built a giant boad. But I only had 6 cards left in RND. He mawed cards, he went trashing cards but I the end it didnt matter because I had too much on the board and too much money. So after the SFT score the game went for 2 more turns... All the agendas were scored behind an ashigaru.
He said to me that he didnt played the matchup enough. So perhaps that is the reason why I could fight my way back into that game.
Order: SFT->Vitruvius->Elective.

That was the way, how I got my third SC-win...

By the way. As I said a friend played the same list but almost always scored elective as the first agenda... how can it be that diffrent?
- I still need a slot for the third team sponsorships.
- every single card has it meaning in this deck. It all works togehter
- thanks to all my opponents. I had really hard and good games and I learned a lot.
- Now I will try some other decks or enjoy the new cards.
- The weekend was a blast. Thanks to all the people and to my locals and friends
- feel free to comment whatever you like. Suggestions, tipps, cuts, everything
- sorry for my "bad" english. I hope you understood everything.

See you around. Cheers