Ayla 101 - 4th Winnipeg SC

FreqKing 246

I call this list Ayla 101 since it's really just netrunner fundamentals - get money, get breakers, make runs. Also because it's an evolution of the list that took me to 101st place at my first Worlds.

I had actually prepared to play Hayley, even sleeved the deck and printed the list. I switched back to Ayla at the last minute reasoning that Ayla would have a much better chance of seeing the specific tech cards she needs for any given match-up. Last minute includes were Info Sifting over Legwork for CI, a nigh blasphemous 47th card with Freedom Through Equality which can save you an agonizing additional steal in certain games, and Shadow Net which is value town against tagstorm decks that try to close with Exchange of information. All of those did great work. I regret changing Turning Wheel to a second Hunting Grounds and swapping indexing for Maker's Eye. I was expecting to see more Jinteki on the field but I didn't face one.

On the Lam was a last minute experiment and I found it did excellent work. Stops Brain Rewiring kills, Punitive Counterstrike, and nerfs HHN/Sea Source. Never a dead draw and the ability to recur with Same Old Thing puts it over the top for me. Would Lam Again.