gumonshoe 2973

Don't know. Brahman, dogs, uninstall. :/

13 Feb 2018 FreqKing

Like it. One (perhaps minor?) concern is the auto draw from Beth Kilrain-Chang or Ubax puts breakers in your hand, losing 1 of efficiency compared to a Wu install and exposing them to potential trashing by damage.

13 Feb 2018 gumonshoe

If Brahman is your main breaker, then you can't access new cards without it :/

Sahasrara is your install economy. I've actually ditched the out of faction dogs; added in drug dealer.

I don't think she's very good at what she does though; at least not at this point. Maybe there's some sort of stimhack+heartbeat deck. Where you fetch your breaker and trash it to prevent non-existant damage. Maybe with conspiracy breakers.