Calibrating the Miraju - 2nd @ SC

Thike 1190

Basically my current take on the Comrades CtM build. This took me to second in my local Store Championship, where it let me down in the elimination rounds I didn't lose a game during swiss, but it lost twice to the same Wu player who won the whole thing in the cut. I paired it with an Adam list that went undefeated.

Changes worth noting:

Threat Level Alpha - This card was a test to see if I could pull off any cheeky Exchange of Informations when the runner thinks they're safe from SEA Source, but it never came up on the day. Not sure if it's worth it.

Miraju - To counter a local glut of Indexing. Of course I saw none during the event.

Calibration Testing - Helps close out games or get that ever-valuable ARES scored. I'm a big fan.