Skorp Snare! Total Escape Games SC Winner (Broomfield, CO)

jase2224 320

Going into the 4th round I got paired up to the top swiss player. I decided to ID since Elliot is a great player and we've had a friendly rivalry since Worlds and this SC season. During Worlds, we got paired round 1 where he swept me because we knew each other's decks. It was a situation where I knew if I ran with less money than his CI deck, I would've been hit with Load Testing/HHN, and then BOOM! My corp deck just folded to lucky accesses. So, at Worlds, I played mostly Weyland all day which my runner was not teched for. Anyway, we played for fun during round 4 and I ended up sweeping him because both my decks were really good answers to what he brought.

As it has been this season in Colorado, we had 4 rounds of swiss and 18 points guarantees the cut and 15 points is a maybe make the cut as long as your SoS is good. Mine wasn't and I ended up in 6th for Swiss, but it would've been guaranteed had we actually played so lesson learned don't rely on IDs to make the cut! Fortunately for me, the players who finished 2nd and 5th had to leave allowing me to slide into the Top 4 on the day. The other runners were Wu, MaxX, and Adam.

Since I was the lower seed for the finals, I got paired against Elliot who had finished 1st in Swiss and selected his CTM to have Turbo Bird run against. My first turn I hit R&D and stole a SSL Endorsement and Project Beale. A few turns later, an Indexing run saw two 2 point and one 1-point agenda allowing me to close the game. I then played Kevin who was on MaxX where my ID is highly favored and I just jammed agendas to get to 4 points. I had a remote with an Archer and Cobra with a Batty sitting unrezzed. A prior turn I had installed SSL Endorsement, so I installed a second Batty and advanced the SSL twice while rezzing the Batty to discouraging the run. He never ran the remote so I tripled advanced to win the game. Elliot then came back from the lower bracket where I had to run again. This time he didn't leave R&D open, but after a couple of key Indexing runs, I was able to quickly win that game and the tournament! The finals were streamed here: ttps://

Notes on this build:

  • After playing this list in the prior SC a couple of weeks again, I found Navi Mumbai City Grid to be one of those cards that are great in theory, but easily played around. Since this original build is designed to be more rush, central servers are usually left open and I found multi-access R&D digs to be common either from Indexing/Mad Dash or Maker's Eye/DDM. Adam has also increased in being a strong ID with Find the Truth being good and early HQ multi-accesses. Snare! provides a solution as it great for the tempo hit to the runner, but might hit key cards in hand that the runner will need to win (like Maven in a Wu deck which happened in Swiss).

  • SSL Endorsement replaced Graft as I found the tutor ability to be overkill since you can usually get an Atlas with 2 counters, but money can be tight sometimes. It is still something I want to try out because the only time I played it was to win the game in the cut so I never got the money off it.

  • Sapper is a card that will likely get cut as it can be a dead card, but can sometimes snipe a turtle without counters which feel great. With the incoming virus love for Anarchs, it will probably become Macrophage as I think the ICE density and ratio of all cards in this build are pretty solid.

  • Best Defense is a great anti-Shaper/Adam card. This deck has just been a lot of fun to play, because there is a lot of high risk/high reward in piloting it against a diverse group of runners. However, if Dummy Box becomes popular or already is in your area, then I'd recommend finding another corp to play. Otherwise, this deck does really well against Shaper, Anarchs, and Adam.