Paper Planes (2nd at Immortals SC)

CritHitd20 3784

Went 5-2 at the SC and carried my pathetic corp deck (Moons was not working today). Much better than my original version, though it is extremely vulnerable to specific hate cards. I assumed 0 Wraparound which was the basis for the breakers, had previously been testing Inti over Brahman (which is for Tour Guide Ashigaru and Komainu) and played against Wraparound all day. If your meta is boring good decks this deck is great, if your meta plays a lot of Titan this deck is trash, if your meta is weird you're gonna have to make some very strange combo turns but you'll still win if you practice it.

Future changes: -1 DL, -1 Notoriety, +1 Scavenge, +1 Inti