Mushinitive Countershin (Berlin Team Tournament)

Klopstock 577

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This is the silly Corp deck I played in the Team Tournament in Berlin. Our team decided, that we would play competitive decks on the first day and ridiculous things on the second, so we went with All-Mini-Faction Runners (my Assimilator-Aesops-Apex was pretty disappointing, while Daniel's Self-Damage Adam was hilarious. His only goal was to kill himself for laughs. He screwed it up so badly, that he even won a game. The scrub.). For our Corp decks, we played three Punitive Counterstrike decks: Lewis took Custom Biotics, Daniel played Beale or no Beale-Sync with Punitive Counterstrike :cotdamn: and I took Mushin PE with Punitive Counterstrikes. In 12 games over 4 rounds, we managed one Punitive kill (done by Lewis on turn 2). Mission accomplished, I guess? Also we drew madness cards from Mountains of Madness before each round and acted accordingly (which I forgot five minutes into most games, sorry!).

The deck was fun and very relaxed to play. It went 3-1, losing to Counter Surveillance Maxx (which is a terrible matchup), beating Bendy MaxX by scoring out and Emergent Creativity Adam and Apocalypse Steve by Flatlines via Mushined Junebugs.