Koma'sistency - 1st Wrexham SC

BeNNyBiLL 642

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This deck started off as fun gimmick deck that was more designed just to troll my friend than actually be competitive. It was designed with the sole purpose of consistently having strong opening turns. Frantic Coding MO into play and access to all your conspiracy breakers as early as turn 1 is a daunting prospect for any Corp. Further fuelled by every draw card in the Anarch arsenal (IHW, Making an entrance, Inject, Street peddler) plus 6 copies of Exclusive Party, almost every game would open up well. Additionally 3 copies of the Spoilers were added for a bit of fun and they turned out to be one of the decks strongest assets. Forget challenging scoring remotes, just hit HQ, put loads of cards in the bin (Maw, Bhagt, spoilers) and then win off archives. It almost felt too easy. So naturally I made it better.

ENTER OMAR... (and the reuse of the same pun but worse). Dropping Exclusive Party meant 6 more good cards and 3 inf that kindly got spent on HQI and a second Turning Wheel. Several of the extra draw cards also got replaced by tech. No centrals were safe.

After many games as Omar and missing the cut in Manchester I decided to go back to Kim and play Rebirth. I then found room for Find the Truth for easy R&D sniping and Mad Dash combo. This is the real deal. Kim into Omar, with much of the original consistency of the first build.