higgs_bozo's Gabe deck with edits

Sanjay 3080

I hadn't been building or playing much prior to a store champ last weekend and higgs_bozo was nice enough to provide me with a really delightful Gabe list which I piloted to an anemic 2-2.

I think all the edits I made to the deck were bad except the Rosetta which I think was a good include.

I had a very fun time playing this list though. It needs some help not getting the econ turned off once the corp realizes they can ice centrals. Either that or I need to learn how to play the deck properly.

22 Feb 2018 Codeacious

Cool stuff! Do you have any comments on the changes from the original list? I'm curious how Maui worked versus Polyhistor, and if the extra Maxwell James came in handy. Would you also consider removing one RNG Key or Sneakdoor Beta for a Caldera or Citadel Sanctuary?

22 Feb 2018 Sanjay

I think Maui didn't do a lot of work but I don't think Polyhistor would have either. It was certainly nice not to worry about mu for the one game I put it down, but it's not really worth 5 credits. I think Reflection is probably the best call.

I forget what I cut for Maxwell James but I think that just was reasonable. I think the biggest problem is for most of the games I just didn't get my engine going, so I wasn't really able to do the Inversifactor + Maxwell James shenanigans I was dreaming of. It's hard to comment with much authority here because I really didn't feel great about how I piloted the deck.

Caldera and Citadel Sanctuary would be decent meta calls of course if you are worried about specific matchups but I was content having Saker vs. Kakugo and hoping to win fast vs. meat damage. The only matchup I faced where one of those cards would have been relevant was maybe vs Argus and in that one I just lucked into a bunch of agendas early so it didn't matter.

Cutting the 3rd RNG key seems very defensible. I like the card, but you certainly don't need it.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.