Core 2.0 Teaching League Runner (2018: 1st)

HiddenAway 830

This was my runner deck for the 2018 Stimhack Revised Core 2.0 tournament, claiming top spot. The basic premise is to get set up quickly, with Magnum Opus, and draw quickly or use Test Run to find the remaining breakers, using Modded for discounts to ensure that you have money for those crucial R&D runs. Rabbit Hole and Underworld Contact provide some additional economy drip if you can find them fast enough. That said, against the Jinteki matchup, try to keep them as you have very few cards to guard against the damage that's being done.

Deck improvements:

Liberated Account was largely useless in all the games since an early Magnum will save you from installing them for the rest of the game, plus it's an extra tempo loss when Magnum is slow enough as is. Pipeline is also very weak, costing a whopping 14 credits to fully break an Archer, the strongest sentry in the core set. The best solution I've seen is Mimic and The Personal Touch on a Dinosaurus. So swap out 2 Pipeline for 2 Mimic and 2 Liberated Accounts for 2 Personal Touches.

Thanks go to FightingWalloon for organising the tournament and also everyone who helped me test the deck through it's various forms!

20 Jul 2018 bashwell

Hiya, very cool deck! I'd just like to mention for new players that this deck assumes you own at least 2 copies of the Revised Core.