Investing In Your Urban Meteor Mining Judge - 3rd place SC

jase2224 320

This is the deck I through together the night before our second to last store championship for this season in Colorado. I promised everyone I was done with Skorpios this season, but when I read Armed Intimidation I new it was time to try a 24/7 deck. However, with the extra spice of…Meteor Mining!

I lost to Geist round 1 because Maxwell James is good at getting into remotes that you expect to have the runner encounter and it had been awhile since I played against Geist. Anyway, after getting swept I got a bye for round 2. I then scored out against another Geist after hitting him HHN and going for the quick score before his board got established. Final round was Haley where I was able to land a HHN, closed accounts after he was at 1 tag, land another HHN, and eventually draw a Consulting Visit to BOOM! and win the game. In the finals, I went against MaxX where I got flooded and quickly loss and was eliminated.

This deck is still in the very early experimental phase of testing and I had zero games of play prior to bringing it the tournament so it has some potential. I’m going to go down to 49 cards to help with consistency and try to slot Best Defense as SaCon should hopefully be less common with Tapwrm going on the restricted list. Regardless, the deck was a lot of fun to play and made for a great day Netrunner.