Atlas Train: Hulk is like Fire

gumonshoe 2973

What could be wrong with shoving a lot of fast advance effects in a green titan deck? Probably nothing. Consistency through redundancy. MCA is great, it enables a lot of things, like fast track or scoring 5/3s or 4/2s out of hand.

Advancing an NGO front & letting it sit can be a really good idea; especially if you rez it. Do it naked. No one will run it and if/when you need the cash you can have it; and if you don't need the cash, it's a smart ToL battery.

8 Mar 2018 Saan

Playing Titan

15 influence spent (max 17, available 2)

You're better than this, gumonshoe. =(

8 Mar 2018 gumonshoe

It's a good point Saan and I'd thought I used the inf up, but lol, looks like I didn't.

Not sure it matters though. Just pick your favorite good stuff and sub up. I really like SSL, but it could be GFI. Hard Hiting News just to be a jerk, seems fine to open scoring windows. Whampoa over a distract the masses. Seidr Adaptive Barier over 1x Belt & 1x icewall would be fine too.

Lots of places to shore up, but with this deck I'm not sure there's a right answer.