gumonshoe 2973

NGO Front, Ash staying in game, Seidr replacing eli, SSL for more money; biased replaces sweeps; calibration replaces sansan, and otherwise pretty much the deck as it was; but with scarcity over Targeted Marketing.

My guess is that it may be worth replacing a biased reporting and a product placement with some form of HQ protection; but this deck loaths giving the runner creds; so I ultimately think distract the masses is wrong for this deck.

Not sure if Assassin should be assassin or something else, but it's fine. IP Block is better than wrap once the barrier breaker is installed. There are lots of ways to play this type of deck, but this generic suite will always be my favorite. The loss of astro hurts, but not by much. I always played it as an IA deck and with NGO Front, that portion of the game plan is much stronger than it was.

Regardless, I think putting tapwyrm on the restricted list made decks like this a lot better. It's much harder for the runner to set up inevitable economy. So a rush & tax plan is quite good; and NBN's ice suite really stresses the conspiracy breakers. Keep them guessing about what's in the remote and Stimhack isn't the threat it otherwise would be.