Man Friday

Algebraic 521

Piloted to 2nd place at Cheltenham Incom Gaming Store Championship out of 12 players. Undefeated during Swiss but lost twice in the cut to Dave Hoyland's AgInfusion. Beat Scorpios and 2 CTM.

I've seen a few Edward Kim decks really going all-in with Friday Chip and lots of viruses but this was a calmer approach designed for CTM and Punitive Counterstrike decks. The Find the Truth and RNG Key combo makes a lot more sense when you run a remote to trash an asset for free then get paid to trash an operation with Edward Kim.

Sadly this deck, in particular the heap breakers, suck against glacier decks and it really struggles if you can't get in early enough to trash lots of ice. There are definitely a few changes to be made here but I think the idea has potential. Employee Strike may be overkill for the CTM match up and you probably need to swap The Turning Wheel for something with more immediate impact like a Legwork and The Maker's Eye. I would also like to add Datasucker to add value to a Find the Truth run into Archives if you are locked out elswhere.

P.S. I now see why RNG Key gets its name after resorting to rolling a dice after 8 consecutive HQ runs did not yield success. It fared as well as I did.