Guns and Bombs, 24/7

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12 Mar 2018 Saan

Glad you liked my deck =D Neural is so much better than Snare that it's an embarrassment that I even had Snare in to begin with, and second HHN is a great place for that last influence, now that you can just tutor Neural when needed.

12 Mar 2018 phette23

I meant to message you thanks for this deck, it is a blast to play. I love 24/7 combo decks and this has some of the most fun lines if you get an Oberth for multiple turns. I had a game where I overwrote a GFI to FA an Atlas with 3 counters. I killed with HHN - False Lead - BOOM!, killed with combo, & scored out. It's so fun.

13 Mar 2018 knails

@Saan I tried neural and found it hard to land the kill. My dumb solution is defective brainchips + neural to land a brain damage. Turning on the 24/7 combo

14 Mar 2018 Saan

Hey, look at that, we can comment again =P. Anyhow, I was going to say, that sounds like the long way around. Just 24/7 them at the beginning of your turn, and if they choose 5 damage, neural them. That way you get to save your influence for good cards instead =P

14 Mar 2018 knails

D'oh. That seems way easier