Wu or What is a Basic Action Card

beyoken 6044

Special shout out to the folks of UK slack for collaborating on this... and for the memes.

This is a deck that can theoretically win without using the basic action card, which some claim is the most powerful card in the entire game.


This is many orders of magnitude harder than it initially seems, because without the basic action card, you're unable to click for credits or play cards from your hand. You can't even initiate normal runs to steal agendas! Experts recommend that you do NOT attempt this stunt at home without trained supervision. Instead, watch a demonstration of this deck in action!

12 Mar 2018 Burdle.Jai

Absolute mad lads. Take my upvote.

12 Mar 2018 BlackCherries

As someone on your Youtube video pointed out, this is the Dark Souls equivalent of Netrunner. Awesome work! :D

12 Mar 2018 emilyspine

The memes are layers deep, intricately formed of years of injokes. Just as subtle and tricky as this deck.

12 Mar 2018 andr31

you sir, are bonkers and i love it!

12 Mar 2018 Sanjay

I don't get this Dark Souls reference.

Do they not have the Basic Action Card in Dark Souls?

How do they accomplish anything?

12 Mar 2018 manveruppd

Wu/Ni 2020! Upvote this, it deserves deck of the week!

12 Mar 2018 phette23

This is brilliant.

19 Mar 2018 Bakaru

Love it!