Spiky NGObokata v2 - Winner of ANRPC charity event

strube 156

Now that everyone is on blue control and notepad.exe I needed to add some fast advance to my Palana deck. New plan is rush the Obokata and then FA the 3/2s.

You can watch me play a very similar version of this deck with @kevintame at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ooy0Gw0wZ3U

You can watch me play this deck on stream provided by @CodeMarvelous in the cut against @dshakan at https://youtu.be/DHiUFTy_9To?t=26397

Card Choices: - MCA Informant is really consistent Film Critic hate and also can hit some key pieces in other matchups. - SFT if you catch them in an off turn. Biotic is to get the last one out with less strings attached. - Marilyn replaces gift because gift is a bit conditional and the jam with Marilyn can ruse shapers off of central runs. - Anasi is something I am trying out. Devastating face-check and interesting bypass tech but I rarely rez it. - Crisium is a good all purpose tech card and did work in every game - either stopping Apocalypse or slowing down R&D and HQ run events.

18 Mar 2018 TKO

The deck on stream has SSL's and genetics pavilion??

18 Mar 2018 strube

Just rechecked the links and they are the right ones. Maybe you found a different game of the Charity stream?

1 Apr 2018 FightingWalloon

I’m finding the expensive ice really hard to sustain based on the economy package. You write that you rarely rez Anansi. Is there a cheaper ice that does a similar thing?