Turbo Bird Mercs & Turntable

paulyg 1034

I wanted a fast, fun list to take to the Dice & Donuts store champs. This list is SimonMoon's excellent Turbo Bird list with 2 changes.

Firstly, I was expecting to see some Punitive Palana and I also thought people might be trying out Armed Intimidation shenanigans in Argus / Jemison. So the suggested Mercs for Scrubber swap seemed good (I wasn't expecting any asset spam, and I think there was only one a the tournament).

Secondly, I really like Turntable, so I added that against Kenny's express wishes in this write-up. Sorry. it did some great work against Titan, in particular.

This list went 4-3 over the day, losing an incredibly tense game against super fast Titan in Swiss (it got its revenge in the cut) and twice in the cut to the eventual tournament winner who was on a magnificently spicy spiky Palana that I just couldn't best. Turns out you can MCA Mercs to make me extra sad.

Overall, this took me to my first store champ cut and a second place finish. More importantly, I had some absolutely terrific games!

20 Mar 2018 SimonMoon

No worries Turntable is good now.