Aziz Azmari

pj20 1440

This is the list I played at the most recent store championship and GNK. It went 5-2 in those 2 events, and was 18-4 in testing the week before on jinteki.

Card Choices:

Agendas – I see a lot of lists of people just running six 3-pointers. While that is great for density, it then requires you to score that 7th point with an Echo Chamber, or score a third 3-pointer. I found that having Beales you can FA, or OVER-advance is pretty crucial. Now you either need 3-3-2, 3-2-2, or my personal favorite the 3-with a 4-point Beale. If you can jam hard/fast enough, it’s entirely possible to score even 5 or 7! Point Beales.

NBN with no tagging or tag punishment?!? I started with multiple HHN/Sea Source/Exchange stuff and I found that it went against the whole Glacier / Punitive plan. Cutting them entirely allowed for some FA stuff, more ice and more econ.

Jinja City Grid – this card is awesome, and allows you to install the best NBN ice available quickly and efficiently. Anonymous Tip will give you a few chances to install ice, as you’re really only creating one giant remote.

Ice – since you plan on being rich, having some expensive ice is a good thing (Tollbooth, Bastion). Having trace ice can also be good since you can control when you want the traces to fire a lot of the time. News Hound is a good ETR gear check while you have Scarcity out (or they play their own current to remove it). Jua is a great piece of ice to put on the outside of any server. Wraparound if they just try to hit you with AI’s.

Upgrades – Calibration Testing has quickly become one of my favorite cards. You can jam it in the remote and drag them through thinking it’s an agenda, only for them to be really sad (and poorer) at the end. If they don’t run it, you can FA a Beale from hand, which is awesome. Red Herrings makes any agenda harder to steal, and drains their credits when you eventually want to Punitive them.

Operations – Anonymous Tip for Jinja/general draw, and classic money cards for money. Biased Reporting surprisingly can do a LOT of work, I made 16 credits one turn vs a Geist, and 14 vs a Sunny. Worst case you force them to trash something. 3x Punitive is the entire point of making a ton of money, and being able to double-punitive when they score a 3-pointer, wins games. The 44-card deck size helps you draw them sooner. Shipment from Tennin also allows you to score a Beale from hand.

It’s crazy how many times I was able to score over-advanced Beales. Once you have that Jinja remote set up with 3-4 taxing ice, you can install a Calibration Testing. Next turn, IAA the Beale. Score it if they can get in. If you think you’re safe for a turn while they set-up (and they think you’re not threatening game point), you can leave it. Next turn if they don’t run play Shipment from Tennin, AA & use Calibration Testing. Viola, 4-point Beale! Keep it going if they still can’t get in.

19 Mar 2018 tzeentchling

Maybe consider 2 Punitive, 1 Archived Memories? You really only lose out on a triple-punitive kill, but gain a lot more flexibility.

19 Mar 2018 pj20

@tzeentchling yeah that makes a lot of sense... I've had that suggested before and am going to try it out. I also wanted to make room for a third Scarcity, and that could also flex as that. I'm not sure I need 2x Echo Chamber either, in 29 games I've scored it once.