Fun Police - 1st Place Boardwalk SC

itsbigfoot 2805

Do you like having fun, but are worried about other people having fun too? Does the thought of people in poverty make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Well then I have the deck for you! Monopolize fun while the runner has to click for creidts.

Wincons 1. Click MCA until you can score out 2 5/3s and a sleepers 2. Make an unbreakable doom server (1 fc3 and basically anything else) and have them guess whether or not it's ngo inside 3. If they manage to steal an agenda, it's 3 points and 6 of them are a net 3 credit swing next turn, punitive archived punitive.


2 Sleepers for the last point, they are soft against turntable but you kinda have to live with it, if you see a turntable just score them to remove the potential blowout

SSL/Ikawah - SSL is good money and both of these net you a 3 credit advantage for punitive. They are what the deck is built around.

Voting Machine Initiative - The most useful non-defensive 3 pointer for your strategy, score it first with mcaap and you basically guarantee a second mcaap


All of these force the runner to run and give you a money/tempo advantage. They all have the same purpose in the long run.


Stinson - busted and the crux of the deck, if you can fire a UVC off him you probably win.

Ash - Should probably be 2x but i'm not sure what to cut yet


Transactions - Money and stinson fuel, important to get 1 UVC in the bin even if it's a tempo hit at the time

Scarcity/Economic Warfare - Here to make the runner poor so the rest of your deck works

Punitive/Hellion Beta - Bully poor runners, HBT gets rid of turntable and is a really strong tempo play, punitive might just end the game. Both of these can be used to force the runner to spend into stinson range if need be.

Archived - Whatever you want


Fairchild 3 - I've come to the conclusion that this is correct to take as your restricted card in every hb build, it's too good to pass up and most runners can't deal with it efficiently.

Next Silver - Super efficient until ice destruction comes back

Next Sapphire - first good next ice since silver, all three modes are super relevant for ci and it's very awkward to break with black orchestra. The recursion sub on this is amazing and can just win you the game sometimes.

Rototurret - If your local meta is big on turtle this is the wrong call. Might be better as 1x assassin/1x turing, or some other sentry like ichi or cobra. Theoretically 1x next gold would fit but that Ice is only ever good theoretically.

Very strong deck, went undefeated in 6 games against Val/hayley/geist, probably doesn't last long once ice destruction comes back but who knows. Original build was TBB's and this is my tweaked version, I'd like another ash and better sentries so that's where I'd start making changes.

25 Mar 2018 severininfurs

Can confirm, is good. Econ Warfare + Stinson means you aren't safe on ending the turn at 9 credits, or even 13 credits sometimes, which is rough when you have to break FC3.

25 Mar 2018 TheBigBoy

Pretty guuuuuuuuud.

26 Mar 2018 EnderA

Seems like a natural evolution off of Wilfy's CI. Solid.