Fishy CTM 1.2

johno 585

Came 4th in Preston's Harlequins SC (18 players). This deck beat a Tap/Nexus Sunny (easily my achievement of the day and an absolute nightmare of a game), lost to an Apoc Val (but it was close), lost to a strike Val in a friendly while IDing (not close) and beat a Smoke, then got blown out by two Vals in the cut.

Real talk: the meta sucks for this deck right now.

Changes from the previous deck were:
-2 PAD
-1 Marilyn
+2 Personalised Portal
+1 Turnpike
+1 Crisium

PP is often better than a PAD but you give up a bit of tempo, so make sure the extra card doesn't help. I think it's straight better, but something felt a bit off this time.

Cutting the NASX was fine because obviously no one would be on Tapwrm (shout to Rufus who was on Tapwrm).

Crisium was really good for all the Anarch: put it on Archives. It doesn't matter who they start as, they'll finish as Omar, and it can even catch them off guard for Apoc too. I'd love a second to make drawing it more consistent, Architect probably the closest inf card to the cut in that case.

Turnpike didn't really do anything in particular, probably should have been PP #3 on the day.

Same game plan as before. Shore up your centrals enough, but save tollbooths and IP blocks for a scoring remote. All the upgrades will typically go into the remote as well, until it becomes punishing for the runner to repeatedly check for another upgrade or a 3 adv agenda. All assets are probably un-iced, and you should be able to race against the Runner on economy.

If they drop below 8, HHN. SEA Source will help you get a tag on your turn for a range of tag punishment cards, especially EOI for GFI. Psychographics is your out if they go tag-me and invalidate some of your ice.

- The AA for making it possible to even get to the event
- Dave for winning
- Catherine for CTM discussion (but Red Herrings is still best upgrade, sorry)
- Everyone who hung out for food after and played Netrunnikers; the hangouts are the best part of these events

26 Mar 2018 emilyspine

Well done johno, you got unlucky in the cut having to corp twice. Congrats on beating tap Sunny though.

Val seems to be reaching critical mass so it maybe time to put CTM aside. RIP