Static X - 3rd Preston, UK SC

Tolaasin 722

On a mission to explore new deck archetypes, @cerberus suggested that I try out his update of Static Hum , so I took it for a spin on jnet and was encouraged by how well it did - perhaps because relatively few people were on the best Val decks on the days I was playing.

So I sleeved it up on the morning of the SC. The first three rounds went according to plan - rushing out against a Ayla deck with Film Critic, and against Apoc Kim who stole my food, but then lost it back to Sea Source/Exchange, and against Apoc Val in much the same way. Sadly, I then ran into a friend playing the Canadian Nats FTT Val deck, which has a really strong game, with Turntable and many, many Terrible Accidents to make establishing the credit advantage really hard, and lost off R&D. And pretty much the same again in the rematch in the losers final - though I was only one credit short of winning off Sea/EOI.

It's a solid deck - though I think perhaps does suffer from not having a way to close out games via Audacity, for example. There was a lot of Employee Strike on the day, and the Argus ability barely fired - Titan might be worth thinking about. Veritas was weak to Mimic, too, which is coming back.

I put in SpiderWeb as an alternative to Fire Wall, since I suspected there would be at least one Pirate Hayley on the day, but sadly my tech failed, as a) I didn't get matched against them, and b) t they had switched to FTT Val as well. I think it could be optimised more for the meta, but all in all, I enjoyed playing it.