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DocBacon 53

Have you heard about the Modern (or Modded) format for Netrunner?

As discussed on Netrunner Dorks - Netrunner Modern is a format that is explicitly designed as being an attractive format for new players. The Modern Format simply restricts the card pool to Revised Core (Any Number) + Data Packs from Kitara Cycle on.

Its proving popular in a number of cities within Australia - you should try it too!

Anyway - here is my current Runner Deck

5 Apr 2018 PureFlight

Do you think an HQI would do some work with the White Hats? You've already got Modded!

6 Apr 2018 RepoRogue

Looks cool! Personally, if I were going to dump ten influence on mini-faction cards (and was running Femme already), then I would pick up some copies of Emergent Creativity.