Wargamer Kit: Facechecking for Dummies

Anglophobe Anglophile 30

Two questions:

  1. Wargamers construct and execute frontal attacks that have overwhelming odds of success. What is the Netrunner equivalent?

  2. Criminal used to be my go-to faction when introducing the game, but recent changes have made that faction a bit more nuanced. So now what?

My friend is a Netrunner Newbie who enjoys a good wargame. He can appreciate that 3:1 or 4:1 attacker-to-defender ratio that almost guarantees the defender will be retreating, hopefully in a state of disarray.

This deck attempts to provide the beginner with a simple course of action: run once per turn to draw cards, gain credits, and threaten deep access - while disrupting or perhaps shattering the opponent's front line.

We already know Inversificator/Daredevil/Turning Wheel is very good, especially in Kit. Modded/Cyberdelia should be an efficient way to realize the full potential of Deep Data Mining. The Shadow Net/Fan Site keeps the assault going late into the night.