Mad Men (Kitara Cycle Cache Refresh)

DrApathy 66

Right, so, here's the idea:

You have your Secretary hold all of your calls (meaning programs) which helps you get Mopus online faster and thins out your deck so you can find your one-of HQI and your horrifying and destructive power events. It seemed like a solid plan in a 40 card deck that's half programs, and it worked pretty well in testing. Sometimes I could chain Secretaries, which was sweet, and Maven was better than I expected it would be.

In the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh Tournament 5 (SOCR5) I lost four out of five games. It's just too flimsy and unreliable of a system, and when it fails, you just lose. There were only two games where I felt like it got off of the ground, and one was against a disgustingly fast Titan fast advance deck that I had little chance of taking down under the very best circumstances. I might try to tweak this into something better after I wash the taste of defeat out of my mouth.