Kim Smashes New Things! (SOCR5)

HiddenAway 830

This was my deck for SOCR5 (Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 5), which ended 3-2 in Swiss (final position TBC). There isn't much special about it other than the Friday Chip to other virus cards combo (sometimes not even Imp, I know - what was wrong with me!) plus, Kim will almost always catch an operation (hopefully Hunter Seeker!)

The deck went through a number of changes but I eventually settled on having 3 of every breaker because of Skorp, Tithonium and Hunter Seeker being a thing. Data Folding for continuous drip economy but it didn't pay off in most games due to Kim being rushed out at times. Knifed was there for heavy barriers as viruses can be purged very easily. Aumakua is the last ditch breaker and saved me in the last game when all 3 of my Yusuf's were hunted down or trashed through Tithonium.

Wins: Skorpios, ASA Group, Jemison

Losses: Skorpios, AgInfusion