Run Cowards, You Can Not Hide!

An Ordinary Hacker Girl 819

The corp deck I took to the season 1 GNK today. It went Bye. win (flatline), lose, lose.

Game 2: Bios took the 5 damage from 24/7 -> armed then 2 EMPs quickly finished her off. If they took the tags? I atlas'd boom before eating it to 24/7 anyway, so lose lose there. The game never felt like it was out of my control. Premeptive shuffled away an indexing stack (as they couldn't get back in through archer and Mauslous), and the formentioned ICE made RnD a pain to get into as well.

Game 3 loss was amazingly close of glacier up and bluffing due to clots and sac cons stopping the quick score, but nexus Wu called the bluffs right. (The deck even has a 90% WR vs @RotomAppliance on Wu but heh it happens :) )

Game 4, giest just dismantled it. Like it wasn't even funny how easily I got walked over by the deck.

The HHN felt dead all day and should probably of been snare.

The deck is really fun, even if sometimes thinking of saccing agendas to do things can get quite headachy trying to work out click math xD. Also I'm sure I've won games where I have about 8 points dulled from various effects.

The deck name come's from Makto's entrance quote in the online card game Eternal.

16 Apr 2018 Cpt_nice

Kudos for playing a different version of titan, one that actually allows some interaction and does not want the game to end in 5 minutes