Aimor Says What? (SOCR5)

SoulAssassin11X 10

This is the deck I ran for SOCR5. Below are a few bullet points:

  • Primary plan was to rush of course and use Skorp ID to keep those pesky runners out.
  • Plan was to try and eliminate key breakers to establish lockout. Did this by installing single advanced NGOs bluffed as Atlas in rushy fashion to run ice that trashes runner stuff, and net a few credits myself for their troubles.
  • Aimor is just not very friendly for an already unfriendly ID.
  • The Jua/Aimor trap went off once (feel like that was my main goal in the tournament!)
  • Struggled if games went long hence the inclusion of Ash
  • A couple of punitives just because it's fun to kill runner's if the opportunity presents itself (mission also accomplished).
  • Big box pick was Honor and Profit to get 1 copy of Fast Track. Thought about GFI hard, but went with fast track to try and find the single permitted hostile takeover and stand offs for archer and tithonium.

Basically tried to go fast, make money, cause indecisiveness, and punish!