(3-1 at King of Subways) Day Job Shadow Net Wu

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I know what you are thinking.


Just walk away, I don't listen to your logic or rules. If you don't think Yogi sent Booboo to the Shadow Zone for picnic baskets, well this deck isn't for you.

Fan site, Shadow net, Gain the money, play the cards. It's pretty simple remote lock shaper.

Yes, I have won more than 1 game selling all the points to Shadow Net and milling the corp out. Yes I felt like a dick. Yes, I did it anyway.

Basic rundown of the unusual cards.

Day Job - Valuetown for Shadow Net. Why gain 9 when 10 is better? .... Super fucking kidding. It's your core money to fight Scarcity. Underrated card. You will feel like a Netrunner master when you Day Job to call out a NGO.

The memory suite - Meta dependent. I took this to King of Servers and thought this would be the way to go. Other choices were 3x Dyson and running UWC. 2x Daredevil. 2x Astrolabe. 2x Maya. ... You got choices, play the deck a few times, see if you need 4/5/6 MU on average to keep Folding online, then decide. This is 1x Astro 1x Dyson because I wanna get to 6 MU in some matchups, and the Link is better than Cyberdelia imo. But Astro is better than Dyson. Shrug.

2x Shadow Net, 0x Artist Colony - You don't need it. Cut a Beth for an Artist if you are dying for it.

Chameleon - Wu and Chameleon is like PB and Jello. Jelly? I don't know, I don't eat that sandwich. But it's a thing and I approve. Good vs Titan rush, and if you don't run it, you better get room for Sac Con.

Like I said, simple deck. Play it. Film critic is great, and I took a non-Aesop's deck to a tournament.

Oh yea... I should say how I did.

3-1. Game I lost both Shadow Nets were in the bottom 7 cards vs CtM Calibration. I woulda lost anyway. This deck has been killing it for me in the past few weeks. I recommend this list.