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JohnnyMilton 1017

Yeah, you're gonna be clicking for your credits, but you'll be clicking for good chunks of money. 5 credit removal cards to support Rogue Trading and Credit Kiting. Liberated Account is a great target for Kiting,

Could easily swap the numbers on Crash Space and No One Home - Punitive Counterstrike decks are rife in the Modded format. Falsified Credentials for all the rusing.

Hadrian's Wall is the only ICE in the format that'll keep out a Morning Star. Gordian because it's best in class. Femme Fatale with a Faerie and a Datasucker for support because Femming a Tollbooth never gets old and the fast pressure with Credit Kiting always feels good.

Forged Activation Orders with 419 is pretty good, so that you can focus on the expensive ICE. Between 419, Corporate Grant and Emergency Shutdown, you apply some pretty decent economic pressure too.

16 May 2018 Radiant

Is this decklist accurate for what you intended? The "TRICKS" section mentions Corporate Grant but it's not included.