TheBigBoy's Azmari Rush

TheBigBoy 8743

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This deck uses a combination of gear-checks and favorable short-term economic exchanges to close out the game before the runner has access to their breakers and stabilized their economy. Jeeves and Amani Senai are expensive to trash unrezzed, but if left up they cost the runner money indirectly (Amani with the traces and Jeeves by forcing them to respect a never-advanced CST). The single Biotic Labor is crucial, and I use it to close out at least 1/3rd of my wins. Biotic + Jeeves makes for tons of ways to backdoor the win if the runner is starting to set the hooks in.

Play as aggressive as you have to. Put almost all of your ice on your scoring remote and jam whatever you get. You cannot play defensively with this deck. Pop-ups on centrals are usually all I do. If you can't draw agendas you will have to defend R&D so that you can, but the remote is always priority #1. You should defend against FTT RNG key if they get it right away though. 1 Archangel does the trick.

This is the best corp I've got right now. Good Luck!

23 Apr 2018 scd

I like this deck a lot and have questions about numbers of cards and slots. So, you might think this is optimal as-is, but are there flex slots here? I'm wondering about trying to make room for Scarcity to further slow down the Runner, or maybe cutting a Marilyn for some other influence, or wondering if 3x Endless EULA is warranted. Any thoughts on what you think might be worthwhile varying, and spicing to taste in this list?

24 Apr 2018 TheBigBoy

Scarcity's effect is amazing for this deck, but sadly you bleed too much central access to stick it. I bleed an early agenda about 50% of the time. It's not a big deal because they typically need 4 to win, but protecting a current goes against the plan.

3 EULA is good depending on your meta. If it's working for you then go for it. Cut one of the tracers if people have a lot of link, or a booth if they have a lot of femme/D4.

Mary is great. Her small amount of R&D padding is stronger in a 44 card deck, and the runner often does not have time to trash her. I'm not sure what a better influence spend is. You need a critical mass of cards to threaten never-advanced wins from 5 points so she serves a lot of key purposes at once.

24 Apr 2018 scd

Awesome, thanks. Hadn’t thought much about the necessity of 3x Marilyn to keep the NA threat up.

24 Apr 2018 PureFlight

This deck tells me so many things about the state of the meta:

  • Sentries are trash
  • Ash is the best defensive upgrade by far
  • Rashida is amazing
  • Yellow can spend its influence doing whatever it wants
  • Rush is almost dead, but not quite...
24 Apr 2018 Billrye

I have played this deck sixteen times on jinteki ive only lost one matchup against a leela gangsign deck when i was hit by a flood i cant tell you how evil i feel using NGO FRONT as a bait into a double eula server and then bounce a maw with Amani Senai 10/10 deck design.

26 Apr 2018 OrionJA

You actually can't cut Marilyn because she's needed for the Alliance effect.

26 Apr 2018 scd

You actually can cut one Marilyn, because there are 7 HB cards (that aren't Jeeves) in the deck already (3x Marilyn, 1x Biotic, 2x Ash, 1x Architect).

27 Apr 2018 Simone Suka

isn't 3rd ash better than the single architect?

27 Apr 2018 PureFlight

@Simone Suka This is the kind of deck that can create scoring windows just by running the runner through the remote, so you don't need Ash to score. 2x in a 44 card deck should come up often enough. Plus this deck is probably fast enough that it forces runners to run before they're comfortable, which is when Architect shines; that facecheck basically gives you an extra turn.

27 Apr 2018 scd

Yeah, what PureFlight said. I've played this a dozen or so times and the Architect is so, so useful. People seem to facecheck it about 50% of the time when I have one out, typically R&D. With no other recursion, just getting, say, a Rashida back to pop the following turn can be a huge game-changer.

5 May 2018 dbAdmin

This has been my go-to lately for getting some practice. Thanks for the fun list, and I love playing this style. For those keeping score, I fired an Architect.

5 May 2018 scd

I’m tempted to cut an Ash for a second Architect, to be honest. Rarely do I win needing the Ash, and it’s often auto-trashed out of R&D or HQ before it’s consequential.

6 May 2018 TheBigBoy

@scdif a card is good enough that they always trash it for 3 out of a central, that's pretty good. This deck plays fast games and making them lose 3 for nothing is NOT a bad trade :P

I actually think running 3 ash would be better than running 1. It's very good.

6 May 2018 scd

Oh, definitely. Not arguing that Ash isn’t strong but what you said — it’s an autotrash and thus more useful as a tax when hit out of centrals than installed. I think I have only had a handful of games where I’m rich enough and they are set up enough that I need Ash to keep open a scoring window. It feels like one of those temptations to swap out one just to fool around but I’ll regret it if the situation arises where I really need it. One issue is that I’ve faced a lot of Estrike lately and so maybe I’m just not as rich as I should be.

10 May 2018 Frogblast

Looks like TBB finally bought Terminal Directive ?

22 May 2018 Longi

Hi guys, I like this deck but with Laamb being played everywhere the Endless Eula gets significantly worse. Any ice-paleette-alteration suggestions for me?

22 May 2018 dbAdmin

@Longi I agree, and I stopped playing this deck now that the Freedom and Chimp combo is so prevalent. I believe this deck thrives in a econ race, and the free trashes of Imp and Co. really put this deck on a different axis. As you said, Laamb is bad news for EULA, so I am afraid this deck needs some retooling in the Freedom/Chimp/Laamb meta we are seeing this month.

27 May 2018 brightknight_216

Perhaps instead of using Endless EULA, switch them with Little Engine to deal with Lamb as the Runner will be breaking all subroutine so he or she would not get the benefit of the the last sub. But with Khumalo being dominant, it becomes difficult to play when the central are ill defended. Khumalo with Imp, his ability and opportunity to trash by paying normal cred can significantly curb this deck. I experience this when my HQ was poorly defended. I couldn't hold cards in hand due to them being trashed and could find the right Ice to defend to prevent multiple HQ run. :(

28 May 2018 Longi

@brightknight_216 Thanks for tip. Unfortunatelly, Little Engine is not an ideal solution as Laamb says "break ANY number of subrutines" (yeah, it is that good breaker). Moreover, I need to substitute Endless Eula with another barrier, not code gate, to maintain the ice variety.

29 May 2018 jackwatling

I’m unsure about EULA in general but wouldn’t know what to cut it for

Any changes since this was published?