Corp Cube Draft Revised Core to Kitara Cycle v1. 2

brightknight216 20

Inspired by Beyoken video on how to build a cube draft deck which you can watch here -, this is my latest iteration of my cube up until Council of the Crest but excluding cards that are rotated out. This cube has a decent amount of cards that tag the runner and punish them (e.g. Dedicated Response Team, Exchange of Information, The All-Seeing I, Data Ward and Keegan Lane) in addition to potential build can deal both meat and net damage, Runners will have to be wary of the threats of being tagged and flatlined. I have made some significant consideration of the choice of card I include by thinking to myself if my self and other players were to receive those cards, would they have the potential to be picked or will there be considered mostly 'useless' and be put aside. After some careful consideration, I believe those cards presented in this cube will have some utilities one way or another.

If you have any comments about this cube, please let me know. Your feedback is very much welcome. If you are building any cube, do feel free to refer to mine as a template to build yours.