The Pirate King - KoS II, NYC, April 2018

Tolaasin 722

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25 Apr 2018 Tolaasin

This is a fairly standard Geist list which uses Bitey Bois and Hooks to get into remotes while making wads of money - as long as you can avoid taking tags and having the corp score out before you are set up. In the usual Geist way, if you can get to the first Levy, your chances of success go up markedly. This deck went 2-3 in KOS, it was wrecked by @osclate with an early Spooky Town when I couldn't find Corporate Grant, and by @codemarvelous who did what no-one should be able to do - kill Geist with Punitive when you have On The Lam installed. It lost a tight game with @thebigunit3000, which might have gone my way if I'd guessed right on Mad Dash. On the other hand, it beat a Titan rush deck, so there's that! And an Edtech glacier deck as well. My top tip for piloting this deck is that if you think you're going to steal agenda, play the damn Mad Dash. Or lose.