[SOCR5] White Hat Wu - 4th Place

mbzrl 144

This is the runner I played to 4th place in the 5th Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. Its record was 5-2, beating Sol, Azmari, Asa, AgInfusion, and Skorpios (2 SoT become Sac Con and Dummy Box); and losing to Azmari EdTech twice.

There's not a lot to explain - breakers out, money up, Imp is a legend. Once you've got the remote locked, White Hat can either waste all the corp's money, shuffle agendas into R&D to steal, or shuffle non-agendas or win conditions into R&D so you can hit HQ for steals. I really like the Imp Maxwell synergy as well, running HQ for single access to trash an operation before running the remote and derezzing any big ice.

My two losses were to a well-protected HQ - Wall of Static hurts when you can't find Dedicated Processor, and Tollbooth always hurts!

In the top cut I used some cards from The Devil and the Dragon, trading out to get Knobkierie+modded+yusuf+nyashias instead of the Friday chips, White Hat, and inti-dedicated processor, and it felt like a mistake since I never used the extra MU for nyashias. Not to mention White Hat was really good! So that's why I'm posting this version.

I had a lot of fun this tournament, and was happy with having breakers on demand in a format with limited draw. Cache Refresh is a blast, and I'd recommend entering the 6th tournament when it starts in the next couple weeks. Thanks to all my opponents for the fun games, and to @FightingWalloon for hosting these tournaments.