Bio Vault

phette23 2213

Bio Vault wasn't nearly as strong as I thought it would be. EULA was bad as I played against Sunny & Pirate Geist. Reverse Infection should be the third Scarcity, which you play as a counter current most of the time because you can't beat Employee Strike. Anansi was amazing and actually fired multiple times. Spider deck. Dog deck. Sword deck. This deck has it all.

6 May 2018 PyWiz

What about swapping in a couple Mason Bellamy for Ashes to enable more impactful cheesing with Nisei/Bio Vault? You could use the extra slot for a Snare! because got em.

6 May 2018 phette23

I'm more concerning with scoring the first Nisei than chaining them because once you've scored one the second becomes a lot easier. But yeah Mason Bellamy is a card I should play more with, it definitely fits into the Jinteki click-taxing scoring turn.

7 May 2018 PyWiz

The Mason Bellamy suggestion was mostly as a way to get more mileage out of Bio Vault's ETR ability (since it's basically Nisei in upgrade form). He also just works well with the ID ability and the usual AgInf shenanigans. That and he still works if you're broke which I usually am.

16 May 2018 Manadog

How did you find the economy? I'm always stupid poor in Ag with substantially cheaper ice than this. Do you find a lot of turns are take 3? I imagine you're just managing it much better than I do.

16 May 2018 phette23

I do wish I could fit more money but it was OK. You mostly only want to rez one big ICE on R&D & one on the remote, then use Ag to boop people into those over & over. Plus doing the ol' Excalibur trick (rez excal on the outside, it fires, use ag ability on inside ICE) is a really cheap way to score a Nisei.