Heart Bypass - (1st Place Reading GNK)

steffmonkey 186

This is the deck i brought to the Reading GNK 5/5/18. The deck did OK on the day going 3-2. I ended up playing against Titan 4 times (2-2) and an ASA. The Titan matchup proved quite fragile as my lack of RnD pressure and inability to deal with fast advance made it a race to steal Atlases before they could be FA'd. I don't think this is anywhere near top tier, but it was fun (for me at least) to play.

Thanks to Johno for running an excellent tournament as usual, my opponents on the day Ray, MotionBlur, Rufus, extrac, and Rotage, as well as Mark Rist for putting up with this nonsense in casual play and helping with deck advice.

The deck is based on one i tried to build straight after rotation. The idea being to maximise the Criminal bypass mechanic to steal agendas from remote servers when it looks like the corp has a scoring window. Hence this deck is packed full of Inside Job, Spear Phishing, Maxwell James and DDoS. In addition Leelas ID ability can also be used to unexpectedly bounce remote ICE / upgrades after a HQ or RnD run that is lucky enough to snag an agenda. The two main struggles I found were dealing with the never/ fast advance game plans and poor econ. After failing to get this deck to work I shelved it and played Val instead.

Before this tournament I was starting to get Val fatigue and though I would give this deck another spin. The release of Falsified Credentials helped two of my decks weaknesses (never advance and now NGO too) and Econ. On the day i found myself using Same Old Thing to fire Falsified most of the time. I played around with different econ options eventually settling on Tapwrm / SacCon / PiOT for the deck. Interdiction is included to clear Scarcity as well as deal with unrezzed defensive upgrades on the turn I try and spear phishing the remote.

Influence is tight but i managed to squeeze in an Apoc as an emergency if the corp builds a huge remote. The breaker suite is awful, but it is influence free and rarely used to break ice.