Rushier Together

demoy 390

The sleeper hit of Whispers in Nalubaale is Kamali while generally worse than Fairchild 3: in Stronger Together it becomes a super taxing central ICE a great Loki enabler and makes Mother Goddess (our restricted card of choice) into a 5 strength sentry. This deck capitalizes an how inefficient sentry breakers are to get easy scores early and a taxing remote late. Himitsu-Bako (our sole barrier) can be return from the board when they install a fracter to keep Mother Goddess taxing. Red Tape is cheap codegate that push your sentries even further.

The key to winning is knowing your opponent's sentry breaker weakness. Na'Not'K: don't stack more than 2 sentries unless the outer most ice is Red Tape. Mongoose/MkUltra stacking more the better. Dagger/Switchblade/Puffer, rush out early then overwrite everything in the end and win with Mother Goddess, (you live and die by their lucky accesses, I think your slightly favored). Femme/Mimic, lol, hard to lose against these.

The economy is alot of burst econ with the scored agendas providing drip, late games can be hard against big rig runners when your econ dries up but you will often rush them out before they reach halfway.

This deck is alot of fun and quick plays, the only unwinnable match-up is against those 'pirate' decks (Gbahali/Kongamato/Grappling Hook/Tech Trader). If these are big in your meta add 2 Navi Mumbai City Grid (or far less reliable Scarcity of Resources) and mulliganing for some easy wins.

11 May 2018 CJ

This is a really nice deck idea, good to see some stronger together !

6 Jun 2018 OrionJA

This looks cool, but why no Stinson?

29 Jun 2018 demoy

@OrionJA This deck is ICE light with redundant unique ICE, so even if Stinson fires the extra money only helps with Ash.