Quantum Rash

hnautsch 80

Took this to a 12 person tournament at the LinCon boardgaming convention in Linköping, Sweden.

I got 4th place out of 12.

Went 3-1, winning against MaxX, MaxX and Geist, losing against a third MaxX.

On paper the Geist game was the hardest, because of all the link and tag protection he was running, but he got greedy and poor and couldn't protect himself sufficiently against SEA source/EoI and Calibration Testing FA.

Euros update: I took this to the 2018 European championship and placed 58 out of 244. Both this and my runner deck (Val) went 5-3, giving me a decent 10-6 finish. Best moment of the day: Getting Seamus to run through a Data Raven into QPM when we were both at 6AP, since I could not possibly be running 3 kitties.