Turtle Bomb

Thike 1193

I'm not sure why this image was made.

This is the latest version of my vanilla Adam deck. I'm obsessed enough with our bioroid buddy to have about 6 ideas on the go, but this is most "reasonable" and "no-nonsense" of them. You can see the pre-Logic Bomb version here. I've tried a whole bunch of variations since -- Film Critic, Drug Dealer, different rigs -- but this still feels the smoothest of them. It was a pretty simple conversion once the amazing Logic Bomb came out: remove the three weakest cards, add in 3 Logic Bomb. I'm pretty sure any fewer would be a mistake.

Some playstyle notes:

  • I like to play pretty aggressively, in the early game. The ideal opening hand always has an Aumakua in it, followed by a Logic Bomb or a source of credits.
  • The exception is, of course, HHN decks. Be cautious, money up, the usual.
  • Logic Bomb is great. Especially when your rig is often just an Aumakua. It enables you to be way more aggressive, can save cash, can help you recover from a purge, or just surprise a corp. I might even argue that it's a bigger deal than Emergent Creativity, but that's not a useful discussion.

Some tough choices/flex slots:

  • You have 5 slots for Multithreader and RNG Key. They're both great. RNG Key x3 is viable because getting it down turn 1 is amazing, but after that is useless. Multithreader x3 is great because it's huge econ and great Emergent Creativity fodder. I'm not 100% on which to go down to 2x on, but I think the current setup is correct.
  • Retrieval Run is your flex/tech slot and influence. Ret Run is great with all these Femmes, but I could see using it for a lot of other things. Some options: some sort of anti-tag tech like On the Lam or Misdirection, return to the always amazing Stimhack, extra Datasuckers, Maxwell James, Hunting Grounds, Rip Deal, Contaminate for Squritle, Falsified Credentials, a return to the Drug Dealer/Dr. Lovegood package (if you can find the slots).

That's it! Have fun and long live Adam.