Batter Up!

Cluster Fox 511

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20 May 2018 Cluster Fox

It's not Lobstermodernism, it's also not as reliable, but it's hella fun. Went 2-2 on the day, both wins were flatlines. Win vs Kit (Shiro1981) with a triple advance Armed Intimidation that he didn't check with a Boom in hand, loss vs Valencia (Ryanbantwins) because good stuff Val is just so good and I paid through the nose for Mining Accidents, loss vs Maxx (Slowriffs) because let's just say this deck is useless against Obelus and Counter Surveillance, win vs Gabe (Clercqie) because he went through my remote with Prisecs and Forced Connections and couldn't clear the tags.

20 May 2018 Cluster Fox

Oh and at the cost of having a Forced Connection trashed from R&D, let's say that baseball-batting a fully loaded Earthrise and Liberated is VALUE TOWN.