A Terrible Pile of Books (17th at Euros)

twisty_b 631

Pretty much Turbo Bird, which ticked the three most important boxes for Euros: decent enough against rushy Weyland decks; fun and quick enough to play for eight rounds; and not Val, because I've always found Val a bit boring.

Switched some of the flex slots around. Maxwell James came in as an extra anti-rush tool, and Hernando Cortez came in because there's a fair bit of multi-sub ice floating around. Thanks Lane! Heroic Hernando did strong work in one game, and drew raised eyebrows and furrowed brows in several others, so job more than done. Thanks also to the rest of the Thameside crew, who did sterling work in the cause of persuading me not to put some even siller cards in. Though I still think a one-off Embezzle would have done work.

5-3 on the day. Wins against CI Moons, CtM, Grail Palana (w/ 3x Ark Lockdown!), SSO, and Titan. Losses to Argus (round 2 on stream here), Gagarin, and Palana. Oddly enough, in both the Argus and the Gagarin games, SOT for Mad Dash into Archives would have won me the game. Not a line I considered, but definitely a line.

Special mention should probably go to the Palana loss. My opponent got a Blacklist up behind a Data Loop at precisely the worst possible moment: all breakers in the bin, along with pretty much everything else. After some panicky faffing around I realised that there was an obvious solution. I rebirthed into Quetzal, slapped two cards back onto my now very thin deck, and sashayed on through feeling very pleased with myself. Then I impaled myself on a pair of Prisecs.

2 Jun 2018 same old things

Nice meeting you in round 8! Really well played, glad to see someone Maxx player on wanton.

3 Jun 2018 twisty_b

@same old thingsa pleasure to meet you too! Love Wanton: I initially had 3x, but talked myself down to something slightly more sensible. Think 2x might have been good.

4 Jun 2018 SimonMoon