Loss Adjusted Response Activation 5.2 (Top 59 at Euros)

Cliquil 1147

Came 55th...

This Jemison deck tries to create the Armed Intimidation fork that was well represented in the cut by "RVDH". If you get the chance you should watch the recorded Twitch stream of their cut game, it was an excellent demonstration of Jemison's power.

This deck came at it from a different direction.

For one the win condition of "trap suddenly getting a lot more counters" was more central. It was the initial inspiration for the deck, before even Armed Intimdation came out. That's why it looks more like a Jinteki shell (I have a secret love of Jinteki in Weyland).

What I found over time was that fewer and fewer people were checking traps. This leant me to be more aggressive with the "on the table" kill, which Armed Intimidation does so well.

Ultimately most of my kills on the day came from Boom! , which disappointed me, because I really wanted to use Meteor Mining instead. That's only been done at GNK level alas.

Once you know the game plan I think most of the slot choices become obvious. A few notes:

You can Mushin a Reconstruction Contract and you should. If they run it you haven't lost points, if they leave it you can use it to score anything out of hand or maybe a single advaned trap deadly without even losing an agenda. Alternatively it can be used with Dedication Ceremony to score an Atlas or a Chronos from hand.

Definitely 3 Standoff. I think my Jemison colleague was right on the 3 Hostiles as well ultimately, but my agendas were limited by my very strong desire to play Meteor Mining, despite never getting to use it on the day.

Veritas was a late include recommended by various folk from the Readox meta.

This deck beat a variety on the day. It folded quite easily to any kind of flood; it can't fight its way out. It also hates apoc, which it faced, and an early Maw if no traps have been drawn, which it faced. It also struggles a lot against combo shapers, especially Wu as Wu tends to have the insane hand size which means death off the table can't really occur.

Thanks to all my opponents. I may try a version of this at UK Nats, might have to go up to 3 Meteor Mining though.....