German Geist 19th at Euros

Heinzel 1108

Cut the second Levy because in a rush meta you are very unlikely to use it.
Put in a Source for titan.
An Amakaua for more realiable early accesses and the Skorp matchup.
Interdiction over Grant also because of the Skorp Matchup. It also lets you snipe NGOs.
I also have 1 spare influence left. Please don´t judge me.

5 Jun 2018 Guaina

Hey man congrats on your result! i'm a geist enthusiast and i have a couple of questions: Underworld Contact are they really worth it? i kinda prefer more utility cards like Corporate Defector, and no1 home; second i suggest you find a slot for an utopia Shard since you have an influence to spare: it's pretty good vs all these operation based decks running around

5 Jun 2018 Heinzel

Yes it most certainly is. You really only have 9 economy cards. 3 Traders, 3 Calling in Favors and 3 Underworld contacts. If you cut any economy you will see that your setup is way more inconsistent and you oftentimes wont have enough money to actually contest something. Underworlds is also your longterm econ plan especially since the deck went down to 1 levy. I was almost out of cards twice during the tournament and underwolrd contact is the card that kept me in the game.