Drop da bombs (euro)

pord 29

Took to euros and is based on another adam deck online! Really enjoyed it, but unfortunately I didn't pilot it very well this day. Based on the euros I think film was right choice as was laamb.

Round 1: Palana - Loss. Close game. Knew he had double punative in hand. Film wasnt in play and he was match point. Had to run server last click. Took the damage from obo and then drew up to 6 cards with directive at the end. All my money gone... surely I can money up next turn.... they install adv adv... I was match point by now, ran archives to check RnD... wiff... ran HQ... wiff.... hope its NGO.... Nope... they win. Very close. Loads of fun

Round 2: Custom Biotics - Won. Had him locked down with archive runs seeing all his traps and taking agendas when I wanted them. Film helped with his agendas too so didnt need to worry about clicks. A couple of times he bounced stuff back to my stack but didnt bother me as I had RnG getting me money and draws all game.

Round 3: Argus - FA loss... worried too much about HHN and boom (found out after he didnt run it). So was wary of money for too long. He then FA to win.

Round 4: Titan - FA loss. Couldn't find breakers in time before the train.

Round 5: PE - Loss. Archives covered by breach, HQ and RnD had Kakugo... nothing in remotes.... I can get in but the damage was costing me. Knew he had a snare in hand. He was running FA and I was on 6 points. He manages to get 6 points all FA in bin... so I money up waiting my time.... then he puts all his FA back in RnD.. crap... gotta run soon... build up a load of counters on wheel... just couldnt get it off in time. Close game... 2 cards left in my hand at the end, nothing left to draw.

Round 6: Titan - FA loss. 10min game... Scored GFI and a hostile... just couldnt find her Atlases in time. Then she just scored her last hostile for win.

Round 7: Opponent Dropped

Round 8: I dropped to drive home at 11pm.

4 Jun 2018 Terje

Hey dude, I was your opponent in round 5, that game was so damn tense I was 100% sure you had me there. Always a pleasure to play another Adam player. Cheers for the games.

23 Jun 2018 pord

@NjabbskoltHeh yea was amazing game.... one of the best Ive had in netrunner... was so close... I just ran out of cards ;P