The NEXT Jinja Design (6-2 at Euros 2018, 168th overall)

HiddenAway 850

I had made this deck in the run-up to Euros and in the 2 GNK's where I played this deck, it went a total of 7-0! I went with NEXT Design simply because of the amount of Employee Strike I expected from Valencia. Employee Strike then becomes the saddest thing (mainly discarded or to clear another current).

Jinja City Grid is fairly critical to the deck and should be in an iced remote turn 1 if possible. Preferably with a nice gearcheck ice like Enigma or Vanilla from NEXT's ability. There's also some good draw with Ultraviolet Clearance and Rashida Jaheem to help accelerate a multiple Jinja remote and central. Early on, runners trying to contest remotes will typically get through with very little credits, which helps you fire Bryan Stinson or a Punitive if there's an agenda steal.

Scarcity of Resources and Enhanced Login Protocol makes it harder to money up for remote sieges or to really restrict an Ikawah steal without Film Critic. I added a Fast Track to try and close out the game ASAP before the runner could find their icebreakers, though I only used it once on the day.

As for ICE, it was mainly gear checks and Seidr Jinja abuse. Loki used for some suddenly scary facechecks and Fairchild 3.0 for extra tax.

Oh, and a Sherlock 2.0 to make sure there was at least ONE card that my opponents had to read (and also as a very difficult ice to break with MKUltra with potentially harsh consequences if it isn't broken - though who cares about a tag?!).

The losses on the day was a very tight game against @massisi and against @paulyg where NEXT failed me with a 0 ICE 2 agenda mulligan (though again it was still a very close game).

I enjoyed playing this deck, fighting with the temperamental nature of it's ability and figuring out the solutions from there. Most of my wins were due to rushing out before my opponents could get set up, though I did also get a couple of punitive shots in as well.

The currents are probably unnecessary if you want to tweak it (particularly ELP) but they can help the runner to stumble until you're ready to finish the game off.