Drago 366

Being still tired of CTM from back in Store Champs season and a bit out of the meta I fell back on Skorpios based on the solid logic 'no one will play Shaper' and 'stop people playing Inject'.

Mistakes were made.

I don't think I was the only one...

This was the weaker end of my Euros 2018 appearance with a disappointing 3-5 result. I feel the deck is solid, but was the wrong call for the runner mix I faced on the day.

The inspiration for this is clearly somewhere between Echo's The Guillotine and lpoulters Skorp Rush. Rashida Jaheem seemed too good to leave behind, but required sacrifices in the shape of an IPO and Tithonium. I did test without the Fast Track; not recommended.

Shaper 2-1: Pirate Hayley, Brahman Hayley, Lock Hayley - PIrate Hayley was the only comfortable game of these, being able to tax the disposable breakers with Rashida, Standoff or Hostile Takeover to create a window for multiple Project Atlas tokens. Brahman Hayley shut down my rush and I had no where to go as the key programs went back in the deck. Lock Hayley was my last game of the day and with fatigue setting in for both of us my opponent popped their SMC looking for a score, dropping the clot threat enabling Audacity.

Anarch 1-2: Freedom, Valencia - by the numbers match ups. I feel I lost to early accesses when I was ice poor and unable to defend R&D. Solid Employee Strike play from my opponents left me with poor Hunter Seeker choices against the conspiracy breaker suite.

Adam 0-2: - such diametrically opposed games. One flood exacerbated by Rashida into Sneakdoor Beta (I deserved this after lucking out in the CTM game). The other came down to a Marcus Batty psi-game for either side to win. I think it favours Adam if they can get minimal tools online early or are able to Logic Bomb the rush.

TLDR: probably should have taken Titan.