Hyper Hayley: Euros Edition

qvm 1698

Hayley deck brought to Euros by four players. The best of us (procf) finished 29th despite forfeiting the first round due to a flight cancellation!

I can be seen piloting the deck in round 3: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/269219278?collection=-SGj6u7tNBUVDA

The last turn is pretty dramatic, as I index and see a kitty on equivocation. I have access to same old mad dash, so I leave the kitty (because there's a higher chance that one of the other four cards is another kitty than that the 6th card is a beale). Turns out the 6th card is a beale (!) and I lose the game. I could also have mad dashed (or at least run) the remote, but first I thought it's a rashida and then I thought it's a kitty.

The best line of play, which I did not consider, is to steal the kitty right there (not trigger indexing), and then same old index again. It's also not strictly better (since another kitty in the top 6 won't help, as I can't mad dash anymore), but it would give me even more chance to see the beale.

Also, not losing mad dash to stimhack would have helped^^ Congrats and wp to my opponent Johannes!

7 Jun 2018 b3ar

This deck is awesome. Very robust, fast and flexible. Thanks for the good time at Euros.

7 Jun 2018 postis

It was a tense game to be sure! A pleasure to play against you and hear your analysis afterwards. :) I hope we meet again!