3rd Place Chicago Regionals:Mkwendududududu by Team 2X3ZB9CY

Dheraz 198

My variation on the deck developed by LSK, Tstack and myself for play in the 06/09 Chicago Regionals. The deck went 6/2 the day of and would have gone 7/1 if not for a set of 3 incredibly unlucky hail mary runs on the last turn by the very talented 2nd Place Val deck pilot. I faced Sunny, Val, Reg-Ass Smoke, Freedom, Pirate Haley, and (the same) Val over the course of the day only losing to one pilot and his Val list.

Key Cards:

Marilyn Campaign: Without this card this deck is garbage. The Mti ability makes running these already feels-bad-to-trash assets even more intimidating. Some games I installed 5+ Marilyn Campaigns. They're life savers.

Sandstorm: I chose to run three and often ended up with two of them piled up in HQ but they reliably created the scoring windows they were included for. But Alex, why not just play AgInfusion? Because this is better.

Scarcity of Resources: No matter when you play this card, your opponent is going to play EStrike the next turn but you keep on playing it anyways because its a good card and EStrike is poison.

Non-Obvious Card Choices:

Envelope: I was uncertain about this card but it proved to be a great choice, making both Pirate Haley and The Turning Wheel very uncomfortable while being more difficult to facecheck, harder for Aumakua to break, and twice as expensive for paperclip (for what its worth :P.)

Surveyor: This card was a blast to see every time I drew it. I found myself installing additional ice in my remotes that I never planned on rezzing just to boost its strength. Definitely not fun to run into as a runner.

Bryan Stinson: This deck runs poor, if you dont draw well you may find yourself clicking for a lot of credits and the two times I saw this in my starting hand gave me the extra boost I needed to be sure I could score my first Nisei turn 3/4.

Enigma: Ultimately not that scary in most matchups but a strong choice when Pirate Haley needs to run on your scoring server multiple times to get past a Nisei counter or when Val cant find her Black Orchestra.

Rashida: This deck can get stuck in a lot of durdly situations where you have a Sandstorm, two eight cost ice, and a Preemptive stuck in hand but cant really do anything with any of them and get stuck clicking for credits. Rashida please give me your cards and money I'm losing tempo over here.

Flex Slots:

Preemptive Action: Every time I drew this card someone clan vengeanced it. RIP. Melange: Self Explanatory. MCAAP: I really like this in the deck and its great for scoring Nisei MK II but if you have a better use for the 3 inf let me know.

Notable Weaknesses/Moments of Honesty:

This deck's response to HQ disruption (Maw, Clan Vengeance, ect) is generally to cry a lot. You can still win though. Maxwell James also ruins everything but I was lucky enough not to have to face him very much. Please stop using Hippo on my Anansi I like my spiderboi.

11 Jun 2018 neuropantser

sweet yeezus sand storm is strength 5, preserve us

14 Jun 2018 Steamwood

It was a beast to run against. Thanks for the games!